Slowing Down Time With Intentional Living

I have been working hard on living intentionally over the last few weeks and I’ve noticed one key thing. Time slows down when you focus on what’s important to you. After work, the evening often flies past as we manage meals, homework, showers and stories for the kids before collapsing on the couch for some … Continue reading Slowing Down Time With Intentional Living

Minimalism – The difference between Need and Want

School is about to go back here in New Zealand and our family has been discussing covering exercise books. Now I hate covering exercise books with a passion. I'm sure whoever invented contact paper was a sadist. Every year as the holidays end, the reality of covering exercise books looms and this year we have … Continue reading Minimalism – The difference between Need and Want

Intentional Living – Plans, Pitfalls and Too Much Christmas Cake

As I emerge from the fog of a couple of weeks of not thinking about anything more stressful than making it to the airport on time or ensuring that everyone got enough helpings of Christmas cake, my mind is moving back into the planning stage of re-establishing my routine for the next few months.

Minimalism – I can’t believe we ever had that many toys

Recently I was going through some old phone photos and videos. They were from a few years ago when my younger daughter was still a toddler. Taken in our old, supersized house, I was staggered to see the amount of toys we had all over the place. It was in no way a small house … Continue reading Minimalism – I can’t believe we ever had that many toys

Minimalism – Letting Go of Organised Hoarding

For years before I started to pursue minimalism as a way of life I was a champion organised hoarder. I could satisfy my need to be on top of things by making sure that everything was labelled or in it's assigned container. Whole days were spent putting things in order when it all got out of hand, which of course it always does when you live with someone else who has better things to do than keep everything just so.