Minimalism – Eight days of silence

As the days passed I started to notice a pattern of the things I was using regularly in the house; bathroom, bed, dining table, couch, kettle, a plate, a few cups and so on. This led of course to realising all the things one person doesn’t use when living alone. The expression, ‘rattling around’ suddenly became real to me. I was ‘rattling around’ our downsized house

Minimalism – De-cluttering the ‘Hidden Items’

From the outside looking in, the whole concept seems simple. And yet, there I was on a recent rainy weekend, surrounded by a pile of random crockery, struggling to let it go out of my life. The reality is, handling items that have been part of your life can bring back memories and the emotions that arise can make it hard to let go.

Lean Minimalism – Have you got the right stuff?

Whether it’s at home or at work, having lots of stuff does not necessarily mean its the right stuff. In fact, too much stuff leads to all kinds of inefficiencies that are experienced at home and in our work processes. In the past I regularly experienced the frustration that comes from trying to put things … Continue reading Lean Minimalism – Have you got the right stuff?