A lean enthusiast and an aspiring minimalist, I started this blog in 2017 to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way as well as new things I learn and experience from my continuing journey towards a simpler life. I hope you find some value in the posts here. I write about minimalism, intentional living, personal growth and about the benefits and process involved in a lean transformation. In my personal life I am also a poet, a musician and an aspiring martial artist.

Check out my Facebook page: @theleanminimalist or follow me on Twitter @leanminimalist where I share some of my own writing as well as posts and tweets I find inspiring.

For those on the lean journey who are interested in where I work, I am part of the team at Escea Ltd, a manufacturer of beautiful and efficient fireplaces www.escea.com. At Escea we believe that waste is wrong and everything we do is for our customers. We use that philosophy to continuously pursue a goal of constantly reducing non value adding activities to better produce the highest quality, best designed products for our customers. My role at Escea is Chief Operating Officer where I oversee all manufacturing, supply chain and distribution functions as well as acting as the company’s Lean Coach and manager for HR, H&S and some business administration.

The pursuit of perfection in systems and processes has been the key theme of my career for twenty plus years. These days I do my best to achieve this as simply as possible.

– Donna