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Poetry or Prose – It’s all the same to me but why are we more comfortable sharing our thoughts in prose?

A friend once expressed their admiration for my ability to be transparent and open on my blog about my ongoing struggles with various forms of improvement both in business and personally. I shrugged at this at the time. It seems sensible to me to connect with others though the sharing of struggles without pretending things are better than they are.

These days, my well of experiences is drying up. My blog posts will soon become repetitive and boring. Persevere, move forwards, set goals, rinse and repeat. I will of course continue to share what I learn along the way. At the same time, I have found in the last year that progress is slow and now that I am more patient, I am satisfied with travelling the long road. The result, less content.

I started this blog to share my thoughts and learnings of course but also to indulge a life long love of the written word. I love to write and have never suffered from the ‘agony of writing’ that many writers describe. For me, writing is as natural as speaking and I tend to write the way I think and talk. Starting my blog was another important step on my own personal journey, where for the first time I expressed myself through writing for others outside of work to see. It can get a little boring writing only business reports all the time.

Over the years I have attracted a small smattering of followers and I am grateful to you all. I hope that you have found value in my posts no matter how subtle. The blog has changed over the years, with a beginning in lean thinking, minimalism and intentional living to something that has become more personal and a record of my self growth.

In 2021, I spent a lot of time revisiting past loves and have reignited a longstanding passion for music and poetry. The poetry thing, I have to admit is a little embarrassing but as I said before, writing is how I express my thoughts and sometimes poetry is the way I do this. For some reason, writing in prose is less embarrassing than expressing oneself through poetry. There is a geeky emo stigma attached to the modern poet and I fear that from now on you will all know with certainty that I am decidedly ‘uncool’. In the spirit of being transparent I freely admit that I am mostly uncool with the odd moment of awesome.

Ipso facto. Since this is my blog and I get to put whatever I want on it, I will now be publishing the odd piece of poetry. In case you are horrified by this, it’s OK. One of the reasons I am going to be publishing my poetry on my blog is that other people have now started publishing my poetry. I can only assume from this that it is not terrible so fear not.

As my followers, you may get spammed by this as I start loading them onto the blog. I apologize for the spamming, but not the content. Please feel free to unfollow me if you find that the direction I am taking is not your particular cup of tea. I promise I will not be offended and I wish you all the best on your journey wherever it may take you.

If you do remain, I hope you enjoy the poetical contents of my mind as much as you have enjoyed my personal improvement journey so far. To remain authentic, by default I now must share this as well, regardless of how this now makes me the mostly uncool weird poetry blog lady. Please enjoy the below, my first official published poem.

Words and Worlds

In my mind
Are a million words and worlds
Tumbling out
Language flowing from my fingers,
I play the melody of my mind.

Clear and crisp
On the page.
Marvelling and marvellous.
Manifestation of the inner self.
More eloquent in characters
Than in speech.

I had forgotten
The joy
That comes from
The unfettered release
Of subconscious voice.

© Donna Sherriff 2021


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