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I’m Tired, I’m Sore and I’m Bored. Learn the Secret of Why I Won’t Quit

‘The greatest threat to success is not failure but boredom’ – James Clear

My back hurts, my feet hurt and I’m tired in a muscle fatigue kind of way. I have weird aches in weird places. the monotony of my daily routine is starting to get to me.

Every week day morning at 5.45am, my alarm goes off and I drag myself out of bed and into my workout gear. Every day I am in various stages of tired, groggy or just plain resentful. I follow this up again during the day with a walk at lunchtime and then finish out any remaining steps in the evening after my youngest is in bed.

Not once in the last month or so have I just turned off the alarm and gone back to sleep. I have not thrown in the towel or skipped a workout or a walk and gotten some much needed relaxation.

So why not? Everyone needs a break right? Everyone deserves a break every once in a while.

Maybe so, but I haven’t had one, I’ve just kept on slogging and here is why.

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, has a lot of very sensible things to say about developing good habits. One thing has really stuck in my mind and rings true to the way I have tackled fitness and healthy eating in the past.

‘The greatest threat to success is not failure but boredom’ – James Clear

There is no doubt that I am becoming bored with my routine. I am 3/4 of the way through the second round of my 12 week metabolic workout plan. Last month I walked a staggering 263,707 steps and this month so far I have already cracked 202,000. There are only so many ways to make all that activity mentally stimulating. The routine is boring, I’m tired, I’m over being constantly sore somewhere and frankly results are slooooow. So why haven’t I just let it go and returned to the couch?

Well, there’s the secret right there. What would I do if I wasn’t doing what I was doing? More importantly, what would happen if I stopped doing what I’m doing?

When boredom strikes, when my feet hurt and I’m super tired and I’m just over it, I remember that if all this work is required to move forward slowly, what would happen if I just stopped? Slowly but surely I would lose my strength and my mobility. I would start gaining weight again and in a short time I would be right back where I started. I definitely don’t want that!

It’s a little bit like going to work. For some reasons our brains know that we just have to get up and go to work, whether we want to or not. If we don’t, we won’t have jobs for very long and a whole lot of negative consequences go along with that.

I have started to develop that same mindset towards my fitness program and that will be the secret to my long term success. Like my work schedule I do have breaks from my fitness regime. I don’t work out on Sundays and I walk at least six days out of seven but give myself at least one day where I don’t have to do anything.

Apart from that though, it’s work work work, just like, well work. And like work, every fortnight I get paid. Instead of money, I get tiny increments of progress. Every few weeks I see a little bit of extra muscle definition, or the tiniest reduction in the measurement on the tape measure.

Last week, months after I last tried one and failed miserably, I discovered that all my hard work, strength gains and mobility improvements means that I can now do a ‘not shameful’ gymnastics bridge. That’s huge. It shows that I am making progress even when I can’t see it.

If I had quit earlier because I was bored and tired and over it, I would have never seen the amazing gains I have made underneath it all.

Being bored and tired and still doing it anyway is the secret to my success. Will it be yours?

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