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Minimalism – The art of furniture weight loss


A few months ago I told the story of our furniture weight loss journey and how we had progressed from a staggering number of thirty one interior seats down to nineteen, which still seems excessive to me for a family of four.

The process involved in losing furniture weight is actually pretty simple and comes about through a few easy steps:

1. Gain perspective

Look at your furniture from the perspective of ‘how would life be better if that item wasn’t here anymore?’. This could be things like, ‘I won’t have to dust it / walk around it / bump into it / tidy it.’ or ‘the room/space will just feel so much more open.’

2. De-clutter with a purpose

De-clutter what’s on or in the furniture to the point that the contents of the furniture can be moved out completely or relocated to a different, smaller storage area. This is much easier to do once you have the motivation of the ‘why’ from step 1.

3. Give it a try

Once it’s empty, move the furniture out of the area completely if you can, or live with it still in the area for a while without using it to see if you can live without it.

4. Take action

If no pressing reason for keeping the furniture comes up, put it up for sale or donate the item.

5. Weight loss achieved

Enjoy your new furniture weight loss and all the benefits that come with it.

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