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Intentional Living – I don’t need a target to make progress

How are you going with living your intentions so far this year?

As usual, I’ve been struggling a bit as I continue to adjust from being on holiday to living in a more structured, purposeful way.

This morning, I realised that the way forwards is easy. All I have to do is just keep doing.

I don’t have to hit milestones, meet deadlines or break records. I just have to keep repeating the right behaviours, day after day, that will move me towards my long term visions of better fitness, weight loss, less pain and a simpler life with less debt and more freedom.

Setbacks will come. Right now, I’ve had to adjust all my exercise routines to strictly low impact due to my seemingly never ending and frequently recurring back issues. Initially, this filled me with disappointment and disillusionment, not to mention a whole lot of mid life crisis, OMG I’m aging angst. Despite this, I won’t quit. I’m still forming the right habits, just at a lower intensity.

I’m now thinking of progress less as a series of targets to meet in a certain time frame and more as a jar I’m filling with progress.


  1. Hi! Do foi know Paul A. Aker’s book “2 Second Lean”? I think it exposes a very similar philosophy to the one you are proposing.


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