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Intentional Living – Progress is really boring

Progress is so boring.

Almost three weeks into my latest focus on intentional living I am steadily pushing the flywheel, one microscopic movement at a time.

It’s agonisingly slow, not in the least bit fun and feels like watching paint dry.

But it’s working…..albeit so slowly, cats may have taken over the earth by the time I actually see any significant results.

I’m hoping that months from now, after I’ve pushed the flywheel for so long it feels like second nature that I won’t be bored, have a serious case of FOMO, or constantly feel like eating every cookie on the planet….twice.

I’m sure, that months and years from now, I will be posting enthusiastic blog posts about how living a more intentional life is so rewarding and well worth the months and years of hard slog to get to a point where the flywheel has developed some momentum. I’m sure I’ll be full of useful advice and encouragement.

When I get to that point, please remind me of this blog post where I talk about the actual, real life drudgery of working towards a more intentional life.




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