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6 Months Sugar Free – What Freedom Looks Like

Six months ago I realised with not a small amount of fear and self loathing that I was completely and utterly addicted to sugar.

I was the person who always checked out the dessert menu at a restaurant before anything else. I made sure the boardroom was always stocked with sugary goodness and I was always thinking about my next delicious sugary treat.

Right now, times are tough. My stress levels are high and the level of uncertainty in the current climate of Covid-19 and lock-down are the sorts of things that in the past would have driven me into an epic cookie binge.

Things have changed for me in the six months since I quit sugar. In fact, thoughts of eating sugar barely enter my mind these days. The six month marker on my addiction tracker went by without me even noticing until I checked it randomly and realised I had just passed a huge milestone.

I’d like to tell you all that quitting sugar solved all my health problems and that I now have the figure of a very short runway model but it hasn’t been quite that simple. On the upside I no longer constantly anticipate my next sugar fix. I’ve also noticed a serious reduction in my physical hunger levels. Those benefits alone were worth it. Being free from needing sugar is an awesome thing.

I’m extra grateful at the moment because I know that if I hadn’t quit sugar then being in lock-down with nothing to do other than bake sugary treats would have a very bad outcome in the long term. Since I don’t eat them, I don’t bake them so there’s no temptation. It’s a win win.

Quitting sugar did not unfortunately cure all my bad habits. I still eat too much of the wrong things and I don’t get enough exercise to start shifting all my middle age spread. I am sure that all the hard work I am doing with the Year of Transformation will take care of this eventually. I have to say I am a little put out that quitting sugar was not the miracle cure for all my weight issues but at the very least I know that sugar won’t be a problem for me in the future.

Will I start eating sugar again? Who knows but probably not this year. These days, it just doesn’t appeal. Now I just have to work on my cheese addiction.


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